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City Of Columbus

Updated: May 3, 2023

City of should look at the services that are provided in each zone. Trash pickup extending it to twice a week, street cleaning twice a month and preventive maintenance programs for utilities such as Wastewater collection system, a conversation with American electric Power for future use and upgrades, COTA should also join the collaboration to share their plans for each zone. This is very important with units and housing currently under construction and planned throughout the City of Columbus and franklin county that will add to each zone's population use.

City of Columbus, Columbus City Schools and Franklin County all have capital Improvement projects and Bond Money or issues they want to put on the ballot. This Collaboration should address monetary means to make the necessary improvements, repairs, replacements for each zone. (Total Cost per Zone).

City of Columbus and the collaboration could enter into contracts with small and large businesses to do the work needed, securing and working with (subcontractors) the contractors to implement work in each zone.

Tax Abatements and incentives for builders and contractors should be reviewed with modifications made as taxes collected from work and investments (Review tax abatements level up % collected) to go right back into the zones that created the development or businesses.

Work recommendations and contractor agreements should have a time completion clause with every contract cleared with final inspection, with a preventive maintenance agreement.

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