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Collaboration Responsibilities

City Of Columbus

  1. City Services Provided

  2. Sidewalks/Crosswalks

  3. Alley and Street Maintenance

  4. Raze/Renovate Housing/Affordable Housing

  5. Vacant land sales/Development

  6. Small Business/Minority Contracts

  7. Community Health and Wellness Initiatives

  8. Police Prescence

Columbus City Schools

1. Assess Buildings in each zone.

2. Submit Cost repair/replacement/renovations/Upgrades for each building.

3. Building use

4. Building capacity

5. Equity in all buildings

6. Change school boundaries (Match Area Commission boundaries).

7. Implement same Curriculum in every building.

8. Neighborhood Schools/Implement walking student traffic, to address Bus issues.

9. Year around school schedule.

Franklin County

1. Monetary support

2. Housing

3. Small business/minority contracting.

4. Preventive Maintenance/Infrastructure support

5. Community Health and Wellness Initiatives.

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