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Updated: May 3, 2023

Now that changes have been made to implement the historic start of the police reform in Columbus Ohio. Mayor Ginther said at the start this is a great day for Columbus residents. I agree changes within the Columbus Police Department were long overdue, however I would like to understand how the changes make it great for Columbus residents.

We are asking Columbus Police to use new tactics, new strategy and engage with community residents, yet police the same neighbors where nothing has changed. What does community reform look like?

How can we expect Columbus police to change, where nothing in our neighborhoods our communities has changed? Are city leaders ready to commit to a progressive agreement with residents of Columbus? If we the community and leadership are tired of the youth violence, tired of families suffering our schools failing, housing and businesses decaying and leaving our neighborhoods and our communities, then we should want community reform.

People are going to be uncomfortable with this conversation and the implementation of what some would consider harsh, but necessary reform that should include the entire community, education, housing, health and wellness, businesses and economic sustainability and monetary stability.

These areas are very important and need to be addressed, so the resident in their communities can aspire to be what Columbus wants to be. Community reform like police reform will come with a lot of responsibility and should also heed a commitment from us all.

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